When buying a website, what should you consider other than price?

Working out how much to pay for a websiteWith the emergence of the Internet as a marketplace, more and more consumers today spend their time browsing through online retail stores rather than physical shops. The Internet offers the consumers of today unlimited freedom and an inexhaustible range of choices.

With the sheer abundance of products that are available on the Internet, competing based on price alone is no longer a feasible strategy. Consumers today are looking to connect with a brand on a deeper level.

They pay close attention to the features and benefits of the products and services and how it is tailored according to their needs. They also expect unique and preferential treatment at every interaction. This not only establishes a stronger bond between the business and the customer but also adds to the value of the brand in general.

Subsequently, companies need to actively advertise the benefits of their services and positive testimonials that they have received over time. The impact that the company has made in the lives of consumers must be highlighted. By relating to the success stories of other similar customers and the difference it has made, new customers will feel immediately encouraged to trust the brand.

Key factors to consider for generating value and trust

website marketing appraisalsConsumers today have access to limitless information. They have the freedom to browse through features and categories of products in a manner of minutes. Added to this, before making any purchase, every customer checks out the reviews and opinions related to the product and the overall ratings it receives on various online platforms.

Understandably, in this day and age, price does not qualify as a major factor when customers decide to make a purchase. There are several factors to consider based on which successful sales can be generated. Some of the key points are mentioned below.

Sales based on solutions

To conduct sales based on solutions, companies need to identify the exact areas that their product or services can improve. The features of the products and consumer habits must be analysed to identify the potential solutions that the product bears. After successfully identifying such features, they must be aggressively advertised across all platforms for grabbing the attention of the customer.

Sales based on product value

In order to truly demonstrate the value of the services offered, companies must demonstrate case studies and evidence-based results that develop brand reliability. An easy way to achieve this is by collecting feedback and testimonials. The sales plan that a business chooses must incorporate this factor of value demonstration.

Sales based on impact

This is the most effective form of selling as it directly connects with the consumer need. It combines the above-mentioned parameters and targets the exact needs of the customer. By actively demonstrating the changes in life that the product brings, a personal bond is established between the business and the consumer. Selling based on product impact not only establishes brand credibility but allows for growth and expansion as more and more customers are attracted due to strong evidence-based marketing.


What makes Apple marketing a success?

Buying a mobile friendly website

Apple’s products are a shade expensive than most electronic devices within the category; yet, they own the maximum percentage of the consumer base and have continued to do so for a very long time. Their products are designed with the consumer mentality and ergonomics in mind.

While other computer/electronic companies have continuously focused on reducing the prices of their products while packing it with features, Apple, on the other hand, has focused on adding value to their product and have leveraged their reliable brand image to create further impact. They do not sell and market their products at competitive prices but product value.


The benefits of operating a website

Creating an online presence is the sure way of achieving the above-mentioned selling qualities. Not only has the online retail stores become a staple of the digital age, with the rise of social media, the way businesses connect and communicate with customers has also changed significantly. With the steady progress in technology, it has become extremely easy and affordable to set up an online platform.

Local businesses can significantly benefit from having a website by instantly profiting from their brand image and by reaching a wider range of consumers.

Local businesses, unlike multinational corporations, need to operate on an extremely lean model. This calls for cost-effective solutions and innovative working processes. Needless to say, small and medium businesses often cannot invest in elaborate marketing campaigns and complex customer service platforms. Having a feature-rich website solves both of these problems.

These are some of the ways in which local businesses can benefit from operating a website:

  • Establish brand credibility and platform for product advertisement.
  • Get insight into customer needs and interests through personal data.
  • Establish secure and feature-rich communication channels for grabbing the attention of the consumer.
  • Establish an air of authority and improve the brand image.

A website is a cost-effective and simple way of getting noticed easily by the consumers!

When buying a website, what should you consider other than price?

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